Care Management - CPT Coding

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A self-paced CD-based continuing education course
Preapproved for 10.0 CEUs by AAPC. Can be split between Core A, CPCO, CDEO, CPMA, or CEMC specialty credentials

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Who should take this course? 

  • Physician coding and billing staff

  • Auditors

  • Physician office managers

  • Clinic and hospital coding and billing staff

  • CPC and CPC-H certification holders fulfilling AAPC annual CEU requirements


Care Management – CPT Coding, a self-paced continuing education course on CD, offers comprehensive information on Care Management and Case Management services and coding.


This course is available in the traditional CD-ROM media, or our exclusive Cloud-CD™ format. With Cloud-CD™ format, your computer won’t need a CD/DVD drive to run the course, but you will need access to the Internet. The image of the CD is stored “in the cloud”, so you can access course content using a browser on your system. Click here for more information on Cloud-CD.


Click here to view sample slides from the course (also requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).


The self-paced nature of the course allows you to work at your own pace. This is also an excellent way to satisfy the continuing education provision of the compliance plan of a physician practice or third party billing firm.


This course has been pre-approved for 10.0 Continuing Education Units from the AAPC. CEUs can be split between Core A and/or CPCO, CDEO, CPMA, or CEMC specialty. For a reasonable expense, you’ll be able to tune up your knowledge and fulfill a good portion of your annual CEU requirement!


Here’s a sampling of what Care Management – CPT Coding covers:


Chapter 1 – Care Management Overview

  • About care management

  • Elements in a care plan

  • Provider requirements when providing care management

  • Subcontractors providing care management

  • Who can provide care management

Chapter 2 – Chronic Care Management (CCM)

  • What chronic care management is and its goals

  • Chronic conditions

  • Who provides CCM

  • Defining clinical staff

  • Patient eligibility for CCM services

  • Patient understanding and consent for CCM services

  • Electronic health records and CCM services

  • Required elements for reporting CCM services

Chapter 3 – Coding CCM

  • Discussion of CCM time and contact time.

  • Accounting for CCM contact time (what counts towards the time requirement).

  • The CCM care plan.

  • Documentation of CCM services.

  • Patient access to CCM services.

  • Minimum time of CCM services in a month period.

Chapter 4 – Complex CCM (CCCM)

  • Overview of complex CCM.

  • Characteristics of typical CCCM patient.

  • The required elements for reporting CCCM code.

  • Calculating time for CCCM code.

  • Other E/M services allowed with CCCM services.

Chapter 5 – Transitional Care Management

  • Overview of transitional care management (TCM) services.

  • TCM requirements.

  • Documentation.

  • Requirements of non-face-to-face services provided by clinical staff.

  • Requirements of TCM codes.

  • TCM patient contact requirements.

  • Readmissions within TCM service period.

Chapter 6 – Advanced Care Planning

  • What advanced care planning is (ACP).

  • What ACP discussions involve.

  • Time requirements of ACP codes.

  • Patient assistance in ACP services.

  • Who reports ACP service codes.

  • Stages of ACP services.

Chapter 7 – Cognition

  • Overview of cognition, cognitive problems, and cognitive assessment.

  • Required elements of reporting cognitive assessment code.

  • Discuss major points of cognitive assessment code.

  • Other services not reported with cognitive assessment.

  • How often cognitive assessment service is reported.

  • Typical time of cognitive assessment services.

  • Which providers can provide and report services.

Chapter 8 – Psychosocial Collaborative Services

  • Overview of what psychiatric collaborative care management is (PsychoCoCM).

  • Care team for PsychoCoCM patient.

  • What team services consist of.

  • Codes for PsychoCoCM services.

  • Accounting for initial and subsequent time for services.

  • What time counts and doesn’t count for reporting services.

Chapter 9 – Behavioral Health Integration

  • What general behavioral health integration involves.

  • How often code can be reported and when.

  • Treatment plans for care.

  • How to account for time toward these services.

Chapter 10 – Case Management

  • What case management involves.

  • Case management vs. care management.

  • Case manager’s goals with patients.

  • Who case managers are.

Chapter 11 – Medical Team Conferences

  • What make up a conference team.

  • Face-to-face and non-face-to-face services.

  • Conference with or without patient’s presence.

  • Time factors of team conference codes.

  • Documentation.

Chapter 12 – Care Plan Oversight

  • What care plan oversight (CPO) services involve.

  • CPO codes – when and how often they can be reported.

  • Accounting for time – what counts and what doesn’t.

  • Common characteristics of CPO codes.

  • Requirements of reporting CPO codes.

Chapter 13 – Telemedicine

  • On-line medical evaluations and telephone services

  • Patient requirements

  • When to report codes vs. E/M code.

  • What’s included with services

  • Who provides services

Bonus Topic – Discussion of patient self-management services

  • Education and training principles

  • Codes

  • Provider of services


To run Care Management – CPT Coding on your computer, the CD-ROM option requires a PC with Microsoft Windows 8, 10, or later, and a CD-ROM drive. The Cloud-CD™ option is compatible with either an Apple Mac or a Windows PC.


Make your selection below of Course Media option and Additional User License if needed. Quantity can be adjusted in the shopping cart.

Price (CD-ROM): $365, plus S/H (NY State residents add 8.0% sales tax)

Discounted CD-ROM price (25% savings!) for AAPC members: $275 plus S/H and applicable sales tax


AAPC/AHIMA member price for Cloud-CD™ version (Internet access to course content): $235, no S/H, but NYS sales tax if applicable.


Additional users: For this course, we offer user licenses for additional users sharing the same CD-ROM or Cloud-CD, for only $75 each additional user. Must be purchased at the same time as the CD. A great way for significant savings when multiple users can share the same CD.

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