CPT for Mental and Behavioral Health

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A self-paced CD-based continuing education course
Preapproved for 10.0 CEUs by AAPC. Can be used for Core A, CEMC, CDEO, CIC specialty credentials

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Who should take this course? 

  • Physician coding and billing staff

  • Auditors

  • Physician office managers

  • Clinic and hospital coding and billing staff

  • CPC and CPC-H certification holders fulfilling AAPC annual CEU requirements

CPT for Mental & Behavioral Health, a self-paced continuing education course on CD, reviews in detail conventions of coding services for mental and behavioral health..


This course is available in the traditional CD-ROM media, or our exclusive Cloud-CD™ format. With Cloud-CD™ format, your computer won’t need a CD/DVD drive to run the course, but you will need access to the Internet. The image of the CD is stored “in the cloud”, so you can access course content using a browser on your system. You might consider the CD-ROM option if you live in an area where Internet service is not as fast or reliable as you’d like.

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The self-paced nature of the course allows you to work at your own pace. This is also an excellent way to satisfy the continuing education provision of the compliance plan of a physician practice or third party billing firm.


This course has been pre-approved for 10.0 Continuing Education Units from the AAPC. CEUs can be used for Core A, CEMC, CDEO, CIC credentials.


Here’s a sampling of what CPT for Mental & Behavioral Health covers:


Chapter 1 – Interactive Complexity


This chapter discusses factors that may complicate the delivery of therapy services. The following areas are covered:

  • Complex communication factors

  • Identifying and defining the four complex communication factors (qualifiers to report complex communication code).

  • Codes for complex communication.

  • Services not reported when complex communication is involved.

  • Primary services reported with complex communication code.

  • Factors that are not considered complicating to communication.

Chapter 2 – Psychiatric Diagnostic Procedures


A psychiatric diagnostic procedure integrates the biopsychosocial assessment. Services are defined and examples are given. The following are included in this chapter to further clarify these services:

  • Identifying and defining the three assessment points of the biopsychosocial evaluation.

  • What the service includes.

  • Codes for the service; when to code and how often.

  • What other services can be coded with these evaluations.

  • Requirements of psychiatric diagnostic evaluations.

  • Providers of the service.

Chapter 3 – Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy has several types of modalities. This chapter discusses psychotherapy modalities and more. The following is included in this chapter:

  • Psychotherapy modalities and descriptions of each.

  • Psychotherapy codes and requirements.

  • Time factor.

  • How to account for time for psychotherapy and E/M in the same session.

  • E/M factor in psychotherapy.

  • E/M vs. psychotherapy. When to report E/M.

  • Documentation of services.

Chapter 4 – Crisis


A mental health crisis is has different causes for different people. This chapter covers the following areas to clarify services:


  • What a mental health crisis is.

  • Mental health crisis vs. mental health emergency.

  • Defining psychotherapy for crisis.

  • What services involve.

  • Crisis codes and time factors.

  • Calculating time for reporting.

  • Requirements of the provider during crisis therapy.

Chapter 5 – Other Psychotherapy


Psychoanalysis is the process of bringing the unconscious to the conscious to resolve issues. This chapter further discusses this process and reporting services, as well as other types of therapy.


  • Short overview of psychoanalysis and its goals.

  • Techniques of psychoanalysis.

  • Family therapy.

  • Group therapy.

  • Documentation.

  • Codes for reporting services.

Chapter 6 – Other Services

This chapter includes the following services:


  • Pharmacologic management.

  • Treatment of neurosis.

  • Transcranial stimulation.

  • Hypnotherapy.

  • Electroconvulsive therapy services and documentation.

  • Psychotherapy with biofeedback.

  • Medical management.

  • Evaluation of hospital records, interpretation of test results, and report preparation.

  • Review of codes for the above services.

Chapter 7 – Adaptive Behaviors


This chapter discusses the following areas:


  • Adaptive and maladaptive behaviors.

  • Behavior assessments.

  • Supportive assessments.

  • Treatments and treatment delivery.

  • Training of guardians and caregivers.

  • Codes and service descriptions.

Chapter 8 – Psychiatric Collaborative Management Services

  • Defining psychiatric collaborative care.

  • What the care time consists of.

  • Time factor in codes.

  • How to account for time and how time is allotted.

  • Code explanations and usage.

  • How collaborative care is accessed.


To run CPT for Mental & Behavioral Health on your computer, the CD-ROM option requires a PC with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or later, and a CD-ROM drive. The Cloud-CD™ option is compatible with either an Apple Mac or a Windows PC.


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