Elements of ED Coding

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“Sometimes coding references take a bit of time to figure out, but your CD coding courses are written in a way that I can easily understand.”
— F.P., Virginia

Who should take this course?

  • Physician coding and billing staff

  • Physician office managers

  • Clinic and hospital coding and billing staff

  • Medical billing companies


Elements of ED Coding (Emergency Department) is a comprehensive CD-ROM based interactive course. This self-paced CD-ROM course will discuss the most commonly reported services and procedures performed in hospital-based emergency departments. Procedure codes, description of codes, and code usage will be covered along with appropriate modifiers being used in the ED. This course involves the participant with interactive practice questions and case studies. It is also an excellent tool for those who code in a specialty and want to gain exposure to other specialty areas.

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The self-paced nature of the course allows you to work at your own pace. This is also an excellent way to satisfy the continuing education provision of the compliance plan of a physician practice or third party billing firm.

Here’s a sampling of what Elements of ED Coding (Emergency Department) covers:

  • Chapter 1: Defining the ED
    Identifying the characteristics that make up an ED department, what an emergent patient is, and emergency care vs. urgent care.

  • Chapter 2: ED Codes
    Emergency department codes, ED documentation, critical care, and consultations that occur in the ED. The importance of proper diagnosis coding is also discussed in this chapter.

  • Chapter 3: Burns
    Burn severity is reviewed along with, treatment of burns, and calculating burns on the body surface using the Lund and Browder or the Rule of 9’s methods.

  • Chapter 4: Cardiovascular
    CPR, temporary pacing, ECG, and cardioversion are discussed as well as coding and documentation of services.

  • Chapter 5: Dislocations
    The anatomy of common dislocations seen in the ED such as shoulder, elbow, jaw, knee, and radial head subluxation is discussed as well as codes for these services.

  • Chapter 6: Fractures
    Types of fractures, choosing a fracture code vs. an E/M code, cast and strapping guidelines are discussed. The anatomy of common fractures such as finger, humerus, wrist, arm, leg, nose, and rib fractures are examples of what’s reviewed.

  • Chapter 7: Eyes and Ears
    In this chapter services for these body parts are defined as well as coding the services.

  • Chapter 8: Foreign Body Removal
    Removal of foreign body in the eye, nose, throat, and ear. Services and codes are defined and reviewed.

  • Chapter 9: Wound Repair
    Classifications of repairs are covered along with repair guidelines and codes. Trauma wounds and codes for these services are reviewed.

  • Chapter 10: Pulmonary
    Services and codes for spirometry, inhalation treatment, and bronchodilation are included in this chapter.


To run Elements of ED Coding (Emergency Department) on your computer, for the CD-ROM option you must have a PC with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or later, and a CD-ROM drive. The course is completely self-contained on CD; Internet connection not needed, and nothing gets loaded onto your hard drive. There are no preapproved CEUs associated with this course.

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