The How, Where, and What of ICD-10 Codes

A free short course topic from HealthcareBusinessOffice, with our compliments.
Note: This short course does not carry any preapproved AAPC CEUs. 


The How, Where, and What of ICD-10 Codes is a free short course on Cloud-CD™ from HealthcareBusinessOffice that is packed with information about external causes, place of occurrence, and excludes, with respect to ICD-10 codes. In this course the following areas are covered:

  • Purpose of external cause codes, including what these codes report and how often to report them.

  • Background of and reasoning behind coding external cause codes.

  • How external cause codes affect laws and regulations.

  • Discussion of the seventh character; defining the most common seventh character extenders.

  • Definition and use of Activity Code category Y93 and Place of Occurrence Code category Y92.

  • The two important questions that are answered by Y93 and Y92 categories.

  • In-depth coverage of ICD-10-CM’s Excludes1 and Excludes2 notations, with examples.

  • Understanding the Excludes1 exception.


Multiple-choice practice questions are included to apply what you’ve just learned. The answer key is self-contained within the course. Get access to this topic by clicking on the link below. It’s free! (After you fill out the form, you’ll receive the access link within 24 hours.)

Click here to get access to The How, Where, and What of ICD-10 Codes

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